Looking to First Marriage Moments

A Distinct Lack of Nerves

We’re getting married on Saturday. I haven’t been nervous throughout the whole wedding planning process. Now, with only two days to go I still only have what I’d call ‘usual nerves’ about giving a speech. And that’s really more about jokes falling flat or people realising just how soppy I really am (if they didn’t already know).

But it’s starting to hit me in a different way. We’re going to be married on Saturday. Come Sunday, everything we do, we’ll be doing as man and wife.

And I cannot wait. These are the nerves I haven’t ever felt a touch of during my relationship with Charlotte. I’ve always known I wanted to marry her. At the expense of sounding corny before I even start speech-giving, I just have. Of the things I have been most sure of in my life, that always comes out on top.

It’s quite rare to be 100% certain of something. It’s like saying ‘I reckon I’ll win the lottery on Friday’. But really, you can’t say you’re 100% certain. But I always have been of me and Charlotte. The second on my list of 100% certainties, naturally, is that the TV show Gladiators is and always will be the best show ever put on television.

But now I’m realising as we get ready for the journey to Hastings tonight and the wedding on Saturday, all these little things will soon be marriage firsts.

When we change our bed sheets this evening, we know that the next time we sleep on them on Monday night will be the first time we sleep in our own bed as man and wife.

I made sure I filled the tea house (yes, we have a tea house) with tea so our first cup of tea as man and wife won’t be preceded by ‘where are the bloody teabags?’

The next time we go shopping, we’ll be married. When we sit down to watch Game of Thrones on Monday, we’ll be married, and we’ll have survived our wedding unlike a large proportion of characters in the show.

All these little things, the little every day things we do every day are going to feel wonderful, because we’ll be married. And I’m glad I realised this amongst booking all the big things. Because these are all little moments I know I’m going to remember.

On Sunday morning, the Casual Columnists will no longer be writing as Steedman & White. We’ll be the Steedmans.

And if that’s not something to blog about, I don’t know what is.

Now, if they’d just bring Gladiators back…


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