Our Honeymoon – Days 1-2

A Boat Named Tom

So, we've been on our honeymoon for two days now. I'm posting this with wonderful data in a gorgeous restaurant in Venice (blog coming soon!) I am happy to report that both of us are immensely relaxed.

And so much has happened so far. I am pleased to announce that I have caught the cruise bug fully. Everyone says it, once you've been on one you never go back.

The boat. The Thomson Dream, or Tom as I've affectionately named him. There's a dual joke there – each as terrible as the one that preceded it. Extra points if you get them both.

I've always loved water. I've only recently fully realised it but I really love being near water. By the sea in Charlotte's native Hastings. The river Slaney in Ireland where my family spent many a lovely holiday. Sitting reading a book on any beach. Not really interested in getting in the water beyond a paddle but reading with the crashing waves is something special.

Reading on the deck of a cruise ship is something extra special. It's travelling but like no travelling I've ever known. Beyond the rumble of the engines which soon becomes a comfort, you can't feel the boat moving at all. And sitting reading on deck, empty sea travelling past. Your mirror bookworm wife by your side. Well, you can't beat that really.

Match that with all-inclusive luxury, endless drinks on tap. The Captain's dinner yesterday (of course we have a photo). All the little rules. Maritime law, the romance of this floating place. We couldn't have picked a better honeymoon.

And we have so much left to see. We left the boat to visit Slovenia yesterday. On an excursion to Portrose beach. Slovenia is absolutely gorgeous and there are so many excursions to choose from. One day, I feel a return trip to see Lake Bled. And a train that goes into caves and grottos. The beach, for our first day was the perfect choice.

I tried scampi risotto, proper scampi in the shell. Last night at the captain's dinner dressed in all our finery I had lobster thermidor. I become a real shellfish fiend on holiday.

And now we get to spend another evening together. Drinking drinks, playing cards and teaching my wife backgammon (she married a real rockstar). Laughing and loving and talking and being married together.

In the immortal words of Flynn Rider, edited to our own ends:

Guys, we need a boat.


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