A Love Letter to my Husband

So, today is the day that we finally get married. We’ve been planning this for over two years now and once upon a time, it felt like it was never going to come around. Then these last six months have flown by. Though I won’t be writing this on the day of the wedding –…

My Love, My Wife

My Wedding Vows. I’m a writer, not a speechmaker. Things I wanted to say that I could never hope to achieve in person.

My Relationship With Gyms

I’m a member of a gym. Sometimes I wish I could swap it in for a membership at Go Ape. Here’s why.

Clich├ęs Be Damned

I’d like to write more about writing. I love reading other people’s processes and the things going in in their heads when they put pen to paper. Here’s one of my hang ups.

Finding Your Wedding Dress – Wedding Tips

So now we’ve pretty much done everything for wedding and are basically married, I thought I would do a short blog series posting my tips on certain wedding aspects that I felt like I could have used some direction/advice/reassurance on when we were planning. The first thing I’m going to tackle is probably going to…

3 of My Quirks

A few personal little things I do that not a lot of people know. I love thinking about this sort pf stuff, I bet I have a hundred more!